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Energy Solutions

IBI Group is at the forefront of solar project development, with a growing focus on renewable energy. We work in the natural gas sector and collaborate with both producers and consumers of electricity to maximize economics and ensure project success.

What we do

We understand the opportunities and risks involved with connecting your energy to an electrical system, including:

  • Electricity regulations
  • Connections to distribution and transmission systems
  • Tariffs and transmission rates
  • Opportunities for renewable energy generation
  • Sustainable technologies
  • Cogeneration for steam energy
  • Waste heat and product streams
  • Operational flexibility for electrical loads
  • Distribution or transmission line ownership
  • Industrial System Designation (ISD)
  • Regulatory applications for generators
  • Other interconnected projects

ESG commitment

Our mission is to define the cities of tomorrow, and our vision is to be the global partner who plans, designs and sustains those cities of tomorrow. Wherever possible, IBI incorporates the principles of sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental stewardship in our projects.
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Solar Training Program

The IBI Solar Training Program provides a comprehensive breakdown of Alberta’s solar farm operations through a financial and regulatory lens. The 102-hour program will administer an understanding of the key factors in carbon credit generation, its sale process, and the strategies involved in environmental attribute monetization via worked examples and in-class instruction.

Participants will also gain hands-on experience creating a carbon offset project plan and report to a submission-ready standard using an existing solar project as an example.

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Transit Electrification

The future of transportation is electric. Electric vehicles reduce emissions and save on fuel and maintenance costs.

Transitioning a fleet to electricity is not always easy. Often times, organizations need help working out how and why they should make the transition to electric vehicles, and how to do it most effectively. IBI Group can help analyze your fleet characteristics and organization and provide a full range of solutions to help you meet your objectives.

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Meet our Energy Solutions team

Our work engages both urban and rural environments, presenting innumerable ways to do things better. We work collaboratively with our clients, including Canadian, American and European renewable power companies, Indigenous groups, irrigation districts, and electric distribution cooperatives, to define solutions that balance what’s good for people and the planet. 

Meet more of our Energy Solution professionals
View Zagora Net Zero Vista Eco Village Master Plan project

Zagora Net Zero Vista Eco Village Master Plan

Zagora, Montenegro

IBI Group was commissioned to design a master plan for the first Net Zero resort in Montenegro.

View Solar Strategy for Montenegro project

Solar Strategy for Montenegro

Country-wide, Montenegro

IBI Group was retained by the Government of Montenegro and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism to develop a Strategy of Spatial Valorization aimed at renewable solar power generation, and demonstration pilot projects.

View Bay Technology Centre project

Bay Technology Centre

Neath, UK

The Bay Technology Centre will be a self-sufficient, ‘energy positive’ or active building. A combination of design features, energy-efficient construction methods and materials, and integrated renewable energy generation and storage mean that the Technology Centre will generate its own energy.

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