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“Placemaking” Best Match


Four Steps of Creative Placemaking

https: / / / ibi-ideas / four-steps-of-creative-placemaking
...with a pedagogical shift towards a greater appreciation for arts has established the realm of creative placemaking as a professional industry. Creative Placemaking can be described as: a cooperative, community-based...


Lessons from the Parks and Creative Placemaking Field Guide

https: / / / ibi-ideas / placemaking-lessons
planning, the process of creative placemaking is arguably more important than the final product itself. Creative placemaking is a bottom up approach that is inheritably collaborative, and iterative, leaving plenty...


Placemaking and Productivity

https: / / / ibi-ideas / placemaking-and-productivity
...(both Manchester innovations) come from? Writers such as Richard Florida or organisations such as the Brookings Institution are increasingly recognising the economic importance of good placemaking and the creation of...


Public Spaces in All Shapes & Forms

https: / / / ibi-ideas / public-spaces-in-all-shapes-forms
This week, a thousand city planners, transportation engineers, public health professionals, elected officials, community leaders, and professional walking and bicycling advocates are gathering in Vancouver for Placemaking Week. Championed by...


Life Between Buildings

https: / / / ibi-ideas / life-between-buildings
...lane. Seeking to harness the wellbeing, community building and placemaking potentials showcased in places like Alley Oop and Mole Hill, but without breaking the bank, the Vancouver Public Space Network...


King Street Causeway Parklet Unveiled

https: / / / 2018 / 05 / 16 / king-street-causeway-parklet-unveiled
...two durable parklet designs that will improve vibrancy and placemaking along the street and support economic prosperity in the area. During the day, King Street Causeway is a place for...


Is Vancouver Ready to Grow from Laneways to Living Lanes?

https: / / / ibi-ideas / vancouver-ready-grow-laneways-living-lanes
...Walk, Pro Bike, Pro Place conference and Placemaking Week was a great inspiration. Our lanes and alleys are far from perfect today. Livability doesn’t stop at the curb. Let’s make...


IBI Group Gets Green Light for £250m South Heywood Residential Development

https: / / / 2018 / 04 / 04 / ibi-group-gets-green-light-for-250m-south-heywood-residential-development
...on robust placemaking principles and is a truly sustainable community. IBI Group has been instrumental in the success of this application and we now look forward to working with them...


Senior Living in the City

https: / / / ibi-ideas / senior-living-in-the-city
...consequences for policy and placemaking are profound. How do we capture the economic benefit of active older people with skills and experience; ensure a supply of the right type of...

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