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North Middlesex University Hospital Master Plan 

North Middlesex University Hospital is one of London’s busiest acute hospitals, serving more than 350,000 people across several boroughs. Arcadis IBI Group created its long-term visionary master plan, which allows for continual evolution in healthcare services while creating a healthy mixed-use community serving the hospital’s patients, workforce and local residents.

North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust
London, UK

Ongoing Status

As a major healthcare institution, North Middlesex University Hospital impacts the health of its community in multiple ways, through patient care, its workforce and its development activities. The National Health Service (NHS) body that governs the hospital, the North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust, engaged Arcadis IBI Group to create the hospital’s long-term master plan. In line with the Trust’s vision, our plan guides the transformation of the hospital site into a healthy, mixed-use campus, with patient care, housing and community use seamlessly integrated.

Our concept centres new housing and community facilities around a local high street and village square, with improved transport connectivity, provisions for electric vehicles and active travel opportunities for pedestrians, cyclists and others. We incorporated NHS sustainability targets by upholding principles like carbon neutrality, urban greening and biophilic design, an approach that fosters a connection to nature.

The design of future healthcare spaces was informed by systematic data analysis, including surveys of capacity and activity levels in collaboration with Arup, Savills and Rider Levett Bucknall. We modeled demographic trends, investigated the evolution of new models of care and tested various clinical adjacencies for efficiencies. We also took into account the clinical and logistical lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic, including collaborative healthcare resource-sharing strategies.

Extensive consultations during the design process involved the Trust Board, clinical, estate and user group stakeholders, the Greater London Authority regional government, Transport for London and other local authorities. Always at the heart of our engagement strategy were the Trust’s workforce, patients and local residents.

Our master plan for North Middlesex University Hospital is a key element in the long-range development plan established as part of the partnership between its governing NHS Trust and the Greater London Authority. The master plan enables the hospital’s continued adaptation to changing healthcare needs while ensuring its development also serves other important goals and interests of the city.

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