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Defining the Cities of Tomorrow: Predictions for 2017

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...and UK, as well as across Africa and even in Iran. I predict that in 2017 we will see exponential growth in the civic tech programs sponsored by governments, the...


A Forest Walk from Coast to Coast

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...forests in partnership with local communities, and the Woodland Trust with an initial £5.7 million funding from the Government of England. Map of the proposed new forest. Image Credit: Woodland...


Classrooms Matter

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...have been trying to tell the government about the positive and negative effects of institutional design for years, with little effect. Instead, the government put focus on standardised and modular...


The Future of Shared Housing

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...of which are government sponsored or managed, is the community land trust. A community land trust is defined as “a nonprofit corporation that develops and stewards affordable housing, community gardens,...


Toronto York Spadina Subway Extension (TYSSE) officially open to commuters

https: / / / 2018 / 01 / 03 / toronto-york-spadina-subway-extension-tysse-officially-open-to-commuters
...$3.2B project was funded by all three levels of the Canadian government, municipal, provincial and federal. Read some of the Line 1 Extension coverage: City Lab: Urban Toronto:
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