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“Physical Activity” Best Match


Championing Buildings Fit for Wellbeing

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...through a healthier employee team, supported by physical space and operational policies that enable improved health; Reductions in absenteeism: through improvements in health, whether physical, social or mental; Talent attraction:...


Celebrating 70 Years of the NHS: A look into the future of the National Healthcare Service, 1980-2023

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...characteristics of communities are key factors in promoting health. They also contribute to physical and mental health outcomes through perceptions of local area social connections, physical activity, environmental health, safety...


Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing

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studies on the subject found that for people already suffering from depression, physical activity can be as effective as psychotherapeutic techniques to treat the disorder. Nature Business Insider Magazine recently...


Urban Health Centres & Good Neighbours

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...many cases, the physical and social connections between hospitals and their surrounding neighbourhoods remain limited. The Brookings Institute highlighted this disconnect, and more importantly, the value of physically and socially...


Women Walking and the “Gender Step Gap”

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...countries with highest activity inequality are 196% more likely to be obese than individuals from the 5 countries with lowest activity inequality.” While this highlight alone is profound, reading further...


Designing External Space for Elderly Wellbeing

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...advocates that spaces should provide opportunities to exercise through the provision of well thought out activity spaces, and sensory stimulation through planting carefully selected plants for their smell, touch and...


Read my thoughts?

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...results of the research showed. Here is evidence that we should be promoting green spaces as a mood enhancing environment for walking or other forms of physical or reflective activity....


IBI research proves design makes a difference for students

https: / / / 2015 / 03 / 02 / ibi-research-proves-design-makes-a-difference-for-students
...physical characteristics of classrooms explained 16% of the variation in learning progress over a year for the 3,766 pupils in the study. Leading the HEAD (Holistic Evidence and Design) project,...


Designing Inclusive Green Spaces

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...the Conference Board of Canada, “the number of Canadians living with a physical disability that impairs their mobility, vision, or hearing will rise from 2.9 million to 3.6 million over...


Harnessing Nature to Heal

https: / / / ibi-ideas / harnessing-nature-heal ameliorate emotional and physical health. Benefits from biophilia have also been seen in the urban environment. Clearly, physical environments have a fundamental and pivotal impact on successful patient treatment,...

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