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“Urban Garden” Best Match


Supporting Urban Ecosystems

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The history of urbanization is a battle story at heart. For centuries, city builders have asserted their power over the natural world, clear-cutting forests and destroying ecosystems to declare human...


Progressing Towards Urban Resilience

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Have you heard of the concept of urban resilience? Last week, 100 Resilient Cities hosted the 2017 “Urban Resilience Summit” for urban professionals around the globe to come together and...


Clever Cities! Innovation as a Leader in Urban Transformation

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...– increased urbanisation and centralised populations – and changing approaches to urbanism – through focus on live-work, mixed uses and increased desegregation of industries – has led to the rise...


Urban Gardens Everywhere

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thorough description, in French). The new law, which does not allow for pesticides, enables all Paris residents to apply for permits for urban gardens in public spaces (yes, including streets)...


The Urban Effects of Modern Olympic Games

https: / / / ibi-ideas / urban-effects-modern-olympic-games
“Grand Paris” plan. Having founded the “Métropole du Grand Paris (Greater Paris Metropolitan Authority)“, Paris is aiming to expand it’s traditional urban boundaries and use modern urban planning principles to...


IBI Group Recognized for Architecture and Urban Design

https: / / / 2017 / 01 / 13 / ibi-group-recognized-for-industry-leading-architecture-and-urban-design
...Vancouver Sun Reader’s Choice Award at the Pacific Region Urban Development Institute (UDI) Awards for Excellence. “The 20-storey, 435-suite condominium was conceived as a gateway to Vancouver’s urban core,” said...
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Raising The City Makers of Tomorrow

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...participating. Hip-Hop Architecture explores the lyrical portrayals of urban life that have been left out of urban planning books. The program also helps kids write their own architecture-minded hip-hop songs,...


When Urban Planning Plays Doctor

https: / / / ibi-ideas / when-urban-planning-plays-doctor
doctors, architects and urban planners can prevent the infectious disease from spreading through simple design changes in housing and urban infrastructure. Read more about how urban planning can play doctor....


Reusing Industrial Buildings in an Urban Core

https: / / / ibi-ideas / reusing-industrial-buildings-urban-core
...abandoned by their intended industry because their specific designs make them challenging to reuse or repurpose. When industrial areas are located adjacent to an urbanizing downtown core, how can we...


The Sustainable Urban Future of Nordic Cities

https: / / / ibi-ideas / sustainable-urban-future-nordic-cities
In a Nordic context, contemporary cities are characterized by their commitment to accessible greenery and water, health, wellbeing and the environment. This has been reflected in a strong urban focus...

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