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A Smarter Urban Future

A smart city is one that uses technology to raise its urban IQ, directly improving quality of life, economic efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

IBI Group is a proud leader in the emerging application of technology in the design and planning of Smart Cities. It’s a key element of our multi-disciplinary approach, from the creation of connected schools and hospitals, to the use of social media and smart devices to improve urban mobility. This is how we’ll define the cities of tomorrow.

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Top 10 Smart City Success Factors

“Smart Cities are already a reality. Government and private sector initiatives worldwide are exploring innovative ways to make cities in the 21st Century more efficient, more livable, and more competitive. We believe that achieving these goals is not just about being technologically advanced – it’s also about urban renewal and citizen engagement,” said Bruno Peters, IBI Group Smart Cities Task Force Lead, and author of the whitepaper.

The whitepaper draws on the firm’s experience designing smart cities and delivering intelligent transportation systems internationally, and sheds light on the key elements required for cities to develop and implement a successful strategy.

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Smart Cities Council

In 2017, IBI Group became North America Lead Partner for the Smart Cities Council – a global consortium that works with leading companies to explore how technology can solve critical infrastructural challenges. “The Smart City model offers a way to improve the quality of city life through the incorporation of technology and intelligent systems into the design of both physical and human infrastructure,” says Paul Lavallee, IBI Director, Intelligence. “Joining the Smart Cities Council is an important step in IBI Group’s contribution to the Smart City movement across North America and the world, making our cities healthier, more livable and resilient.”

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Smart City Platform

Our Smart City Platform helps cities and communities make better choices to improve services for, and with, their residents.

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A proven, innovative approach to reducing system-wide operational energy costs of water distribution assets in real-time.

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InForm by IBI Group

A cloud-based asset management platform.

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Bristol Operations Centre

Bristol, UK

Developed for the Bristol City Council as part of their Smart City programme, this connected operations centre is designed to provide integrated, city-wide management and service delivery to strengthen citizen living.

San Pedro Sula Urban Municipal Master Plan

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

IBI Group has been working with the municipality of San Pedro in Honduras to create a master plan of urban development that will help transform the metropolitan area into an intelligent, resilient city. The strategy will be tied to an Intelligent City platform that will help strengthen its competitiveness in Honduras for the next 25 years.

Sensor City

Liverpool, UK

A collaboration between the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University, Sensor City is a highly adaptable research environment and incubator space for startups and SMEs developing digital sensor technologies and applications. 

Bhubaneswar Smart City Strategy and Implementation

Bhubaneswar, India

Our award-winning 2015 Smart City Strategy for Bhubaneswar established a Program Management Unit with over 30 staff in the Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) to produce the nerve centre of Bhubaneswar’s pan-city technology plan.