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San Pedro Sula Urban Municipal Master Plan

IBI Group has been working with the municipality of San Pedro in Honduras to create a master plan of urban development that will help transform the metropolitan area into an intelligent, resilient city. The strategy will be tied to an Intelligent City platform that will help strengthen its competitiveness in Honduras for the next 25 years.

San Pedro Sula Municipality
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Ongoing Status

IBI Group is working with the Municipality of San Pedro Sula in Honduras to develop a Smart City Strategy that will be tied to an Intelligent City platform to strengthen its competitiveness in Honduras for the next 25 years. The work is provided as an integrated document with the San Pedro Sula Municipal Master Plan. Integration of technology within the urban context is an important part of planning the strategy.

The comprehensive strategy which will be developed with input from a range of stakeholders and public will focus on multiple elements including: citizen engagement with government, environment, land uses and spatial planning, multimodal mobility, economy and growth, education, safety and security, infrastructure development, water and waste management, energy, and technology integration.

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Octavio Jimenez

Associate | Manager, Transportation Planning
Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico

Octavio Jiminez is a Civil Engineer from the Technological Institute of Durango, Mexico. Octavio also holds a Masters Degree in Transportation Systems from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. He has more than six years of experience related to transportation modeling topics and has developed demand models for urban highways in different countries, as well as micro-level models for modal transfer stations and development of road impact studies for large developments. In matters related to regional mobility plans, Octavio has collaborated in the diagnosis and development of urban strategies and their application in different time frames for the Panama City PIMUS. In relation to large-scale urban projects, Octavio has participated in mobility studies for CETRAM Chapultepec, which includes not only the impact that will result in the restructuring of CETRAM itself but also analyzes the road impact to be had in the area, caused by future large-scale developments, as well as the relevant infrastructure changes.

Ashish Ghate

Director | Sr. Practice Lead, Urban Design / Planning
Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON

With a background in Architecture, Urban Design and Planning, Ashish Ghate brings a keen eye for good urban form and the complexities of city building to his role as a project manager and urban designer/planner. Ashish has worked on a variety of master planning and site planning projects based in North, Central and South America, Middle East, Eastern Europe, and India.

His experience includes all aspects of project development and spans multiple scales ranging from regional plans, master plans, transit-oriented-design, streetscape master plans, urban intensification projects and guidelines focusing on policy as well as detailed design standards. Ashish’s impressive portfolio includes a number projects focused on the importance of urban design and the balance between functional and aesthetic concerns of a project. Whereas his architectural background brings a solid building typology and infrastructure knowledge base to his work.

Bruno Peters

Deputy Regional Director, Canada West
Edmonton, AB

Edmonton, AB

As Deputy Regional Director for Canada West, Bruno Peters works with the Regional Director to enable the region to achieve its professional and financial objectives. Bruno is a Professional Engineer with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta. He possesses extensive experience in the planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of transportation and communication and web-based systems for a wide variety of applications. Bruno is pivotal in bringing a cross-sectoral approach to the IBI Group Smart City experience.