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Innovation Districts

We’re embracing the global shift towards the knowledge economy by embracing Innovation Districts, which can be defined as creative ecosystems that contain clusters of leading institutions, incubators, start-ups, accelerators and supporting communities.

They’re powered by clean energy, seamlessly connected by transit, and provide invaluable third-spaces (like cafes, public spaces, and work-shares) that foster collaboration and neighbourliness.

The digital age is accelerating discovery at an unprecedented pace. We believe vibrant places are created when ideas are forced to collide; well-planned, technology-driven designs that encourage risk-taking and fuel the entrepreneurial spirit. That’s where innovation happens.

Sheffield/Rotherham Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District

Sheffield, UK

IBI Group led a team of planning and transportation consultants in developing a vision for the development of an Innovation District anchored around Sheffield and Rotherham’s Advanced Manufacturing Park.

DUKE Heights Economic Development Study

Toronto, ON

Working in partnership with Toronto’s only industrial BIA, IBI Group was tasked with delivering an economic development study identifying new employment opportunities and future growth areas for the DUKE Heights Business Improvement Area (DHBIA). 

The San Francisco Shipyard/Candlestick Park

San Francisco, CA

This thriving masterplan provided 750 acres of prime San Francisco, mixed-used development, creating a series of interconnected, open-space neighbourhoods, and the architectural design of a collaborative studio space for North America’s largest artist community.