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Jay Deshmukh

Associate | Manager, ArchitectureToronto, ONGo to“At a time when educational institutions are transforming in response to rapid socioeconomic change, design retains the powerful potential to shape campus environments that spark curiosity, enable innovation, build partnerships and foster lifelong learning.”
Headshot of Jay Deshmukh

An award-winning architect with over 20 years of experience, Jay is a recognized thought leader in institutional architecture of varied scales and typologies, in Canada and overseas.  She leads the design, strategic thinking and planning for education projects, and engages meaningfully with clients and stakeholders to define and implement the strategic vision of the project through place-centric design.  She is deeply engaged in the arts and design community in Toronto, as a member of the Board of Trustees at the Textile Museum of Canada, and as a frequent guest critic and lecturer at design schools. Presently, she is working effectively from home, leading the design of an integrated health sciences faculty with 5 schools, 26 user groups, and a large multidisciplinary team of professionals. 

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