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New York 511

IBI Group has designed a state-of-the-art traffic system that provides users within the state of New York with real-time traffic reports on the web, phone or their mobile devices.

New York Department of Transportation
New York, NY

IBI Group was commissioned by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) to design and deploy a hosted environment that provides real-time road updates for NY state travelers, known as 511 NY. The 511 system incorporates state of the art data feed management, data fusion services, interactive voice recognition (IVR), responsive web and mobile applications for NY state travelers.

The IVR delivers information to users via phone call, providing access to travel data through a voice user interface. The main avenue of information display is the web component, providing users access to travel information data through map- and text-based displays, as well as additional tools such as route trip planner, email/SMS subscription services, personalized routes and dynamic travel times.

IBI’s mobile application is a personal traffic reporting and messaging system for drivers. With hands-free visual and audio traffic reports advising users of individualized traffic conditions, delivered at relevant locations as they traverse their route, drivers are always aware of any traffic congestion and events well in advance.

A new mobile ecosystem is changing the way we interact with and move throughout our cities.

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Derek Sims

Global Director, Intelligence
Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON

Mr. Sims is the Global Director of IBI’s Intelligence Sector, responsible for consulting, software development and operational services in projects which conceive, design, implement and operate solutions applying new technologies. He has worked throughout his 39 year career with IBI in the areas of transportation and systems engineering, growing IBI’s worldwide practices in Traffic Management, Traveller Information, Transit, Tolling and Airport Groundside Systems.

Mr Sims’ mandate to advance the Intelligence Sector skills and experience into other areas of the firm’s practice has led to initiatives in energy optimization, asset management, intelligent buildings, smart cities and data analytics. Mr Sims holds Masters degrees in Engineering and Business and is a registered Professional Engineer in four Provinces.

Geoff Carter

Director | Sr. Practice Lead, Traveller Information Systems
Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON

Geoff Carter joined IBI Group working in the development of our Advanced Traffic Management Systems software with an emphasis on the mapping display functionality. Geoff now leads IBI’s Advanced Traveller Information web and data interface team. Geoff and his team now support IBI traveller information systems that service roughly 25% of the population in the US, with notable active 511 solutions deployed in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Florida, Wisconsin and Los Angeles. Geoff led IBI’s efforts for the deployment of the traveller information web site for the Pan Am games. Geoff has led efforts to provide SaaS (Software as a Solution), advanced IBI’s hosting center in Tampa, Florida and has managed the program to productize IBI’s software solution thereby allowing IBI to bring tremendous value to its clients. He is currently leading IBI’s efforts to advance the Event Reporting System and managing the New York and Wisconsin 511 projects.

Larry Baldwin

Associate Director - Practice Lead, Intelligent Systems
Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA

Larry Baldwin is a multi-modal (speech and touch input) interaction design specialist who has designed and deployed mobile, telematics, web and in-home speech, touch-screen and web-browser applications for the past 12 years. He is a visionary in multi-modal application design with three patents to his name (one pending). Larry lead the interaction design of unique Alaska 511 and South Carolina 511 mobile websites and was the interaction designer for the Florida 511 iPhone application. He was also the lead designer of telematics (in-car) applications such as the Pioneer in-dash system (AVIC-Z1 In-Dash HDD Navigation and Multimedia AV Receiver with DVD). In addition to transportation-related IVR system and application design, Larry was the also the lead speech designer for Voco (The World?s First Voice controlled Wireless Music System). He brings a wealth of design experience and understands the challenges inherent in system design and deployment.