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Aberdeen Transit Plaza and No. 3 Road Corridor Restoration

Photo by Bob Matheson

While prior transit stations within Vancouver’s SkyTrain system simply met the sidewalk-adjacent busy streets, the new Canada Line stations within Richmond, BC’s downtown core embarked upon a different program; to ensure that the “heart” of each transit station along No. 3 Road was a well-appointed transit plaza radiating outward to the transit-oriented development (TOD) communities it served.

Fairchild Property Group Ltd., Cressey Development Corporation
Richmond, BC
2013 Completed

The conceptual urban/landscape design of The Aberdeen Transit Plaza, developed by IBI Group, bridges the space between the station and Aberdeen Mall to create a destination meeting space along Richmond’s preeminent retail corridor.

Aberdeen Station is located within the designated ‘International’ District, intended to capitalize on the growing cosmopolitan flavour of downtown Richmond. It is hoped that this district will develop as a high-energy retail precinct. Aberdeen Transit Plaza will benefit from joint development with the expansion plans for Aberdeen Mall, and will potentially feature a ‘Times Square-like’ atmosphere, featuring large, outdoor monitors sheltered by an overhead building covering a portion of the transit guideway. 

Restoring an important corridor impacted by the Canada Line.

IBI Group is the prime consultant for the Preliminary Design of a 3km stretch of the No.3 Road corridor that is impacted by the Canada Line’s elevated rapid transit guideway. Work was done in parallel by our urban & streetscape design and engineering teams in the observation that a coordinated team effort is required to satisfy both aesthetic and technical requirements. 

IBI Group is responsible for coordinating physical survey, roadway alignment, roadway/pedestrian lighting, preliminary landscape design, Canada Line station plaza design, municipal utility relocation and external agency utility relocation. Key elements of the design include at-grade separated bicycle lanes, elevated vehicular intersections, narrowing of existing lanes and corner radii, planting of unifying boulevard and median trees, an integrated lighting system, and servicing to allow for future programming opportunities under the guideway, including the Richmond Night Market. 

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Gary Andrishak

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC
In support of city shaping, transit plazas are the Italian piazzas of the 21st century.

Gary Andrishak boasts a multidisciplinary portfolio of significant work to his credit, during his more than 35 years in the planning and design community. He is equally at home in the co-joined disciplines of land use planning and transit planning, from the standpoint of producing urban master plans concentrating on Transit Oriented Development. Gary is skilled at developing branding, marketing, and communications strategies for public transit systems, with an aim to increase transit ridership and reduce automobile use. He is also expert in the development of public outreach communications plans to ensure the public is well-informed and able to participate in the planning process.

Stuart Jones

Director, Landscape Architect
Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC

Stuart Jones is head of the Vancouver-based urban design practice. Trained in landscape architecture, his professional experience spans over 20 years and includes work on both the development and the planning sides of the business. His projects have ranged from downtown infill sites to large master planned communities in locations across North America, Asia, Scandinavia, and the Middle East. He is skilled at creating a compelling story and sense of place for projects, which he communicates through drawings, standards, guidelines, and zoning. He has a strong understanding of the key issues affecting development including building types, street design, transit, servicing and the public realm, and he is an effective manager of the specialists in these fields.