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Bane Elementary School Modernization

IBI Group designed an extreme modernization overhaul for one of the earliest campuses in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD (CFISD), Bane Elementary School. Before renovations, the two buildings were connected by an outdoor canopy, now it is a unified campus.

Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District
Cypress, TX

As part of the modernization, the entrance to Bane Elementary School was changed from Kaiser Street to Premier Street, allowing the school to double in size. With this advantageous siting, the school now also faced the middle school. IBI designed the campus to meet the latest educational program established by CFISD, including the following improvements:

  • an enlarged kitchen;
  • a cafeteria;
  • a stage;
  • a music room;
  • three science labs; and
  • a multi-purpose gym.

While the open classroom concept was maintained in lieu of corridors to access classrooms, a centralized flex classroom allowed for interference-free circulation to the classrooms in the designated pod.

A carefully planned and executed phased demolition and construction prevented the need to add portable buildings during the year, cutting the construction time in half.

A new generation of minds is reshaping the way we approach education at all levels of learning.

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