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Bedrock 15-Minute Neighborhood Development Plan

Commercial real estate firm Bedrock Detroit retained IBI Group to create comprehensive, data-driven urban design plans for its holdings in Detroit and Cleveland. Our work focused on the goal of sustaining complete, pedestrian-oriented communities to help reawaken the urban cores of these American legacy cities.  

Bedrock Detroit
Detroit, MI and Cleveland, OH
2021 Completed

Bedrock Detroit is the largest commercial property owner in downtown Detroit and also has important holdings in Cleveland, two former industrial powerhouse cities reinventing themselves in a changed economy. Bedrock Detroit looked to IBI Group to deliver complete urban design visions for its properties. The goal was to identify and generate an optimal mix of development types to achieve economically and socially robust communities. We achieved this by creating designs that featured compact, mixed-use districts with housing closely connected to amenities like grocery stores, cafes and parks. 

In both cities, the client’s development plans will play a key role in transforming waterfront districts that have been under-utilized for decades. We provided our client with an innovative process that leveraged the power of parametric design to find the optimal uses for its properties. This approach uses algorithms to allow for the processing of large amounts of data to better inform decision-making. Technological tools were carefully paired with strong urban design principles and community feedback to provide a strong foundation for district planning and modeling. 

Our initial analysis included mapping of key data sets such as demographics, land use, amenities, transit and economic opportunities. Quantitative data was then corroborated with client and stakeholder engagement to provide an understanding of deficiencies, opportunities and aspirations for the areas. The model was further developed to project population growth, and to quantify, locate, and generate program-specific development to realize the goal of complete community development. 

Our multidisciplinary team delivered design and visioning packages that exemplified sustainable and inclusive planning, captured economic realities and promised to transform the long-neglected waterfront districts in Cleveland and Detroit into vibrant mixed-use communities of the future. 

By blending data and design, we're fostering smarter, more connected residential environments.

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