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Capture App

Designed by IBI Group, the Capture App is a unique and innovative way to monitor and collect information about defects on transportation assets, including roads, highways, sensors, cameras and tunnels, across Scotland.

Transport Scotland
Country-wide, Scotland

Developed by IBI Group, the Capture App is a mobile device software system designed to collect asset information based upon defects identified by operators when reviewing transportation inventory. A detailed inventory is crucial to providing an accurate read of assets and is a cost-effective way to measure and anticipate future maintenance contracts.

The app gives operators the option to select one of ten defect types from a list and place it on the map relative to their current location. Additionally, the operator has the option to take a photo of the defect in question and log it with their capture.

Upon submitting a report, the defect location, type and image are uploaded to a cloud-hosted service. A web-based application is then used to view and manage the submitted defect reports. Searches based on date, area and defect type can be carried out to focus on particular reports.

A new mobile ecosystem is changing the way we interact with and move throughout our cities. IBI Group’s Capture App is helping Transport Scotland monitor defects across their asset portfolio and efficiently action improvements.

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