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Curtner Station

IBI Group was appointed by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority to design a mixed-use Transit Oriented Development for Curtner Station, an intermodal station site that includes light rail, bus, and active transportation connections in San Jose, California.

Bayview Development Group and Bouygues’ Civil and Buildings North America
San Jose, CA
780,500 sq ft Size
Ongoing Status

IBI Group developed a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) for Curtner Station to improve sustainable urban development and ridership near Curtner Avenue. The station is designed to maximize urban development, while improving access to an existing transit hub.

The project encompasses a mix of 240,000 sq. ft. featuring,

  • healthcare-focused office space;
  • 120 senior living units;
  • 65 affordable housing units;
  • 8,000 sq. ft. of retail space; and
  • a community daycare.

With our TOD model in place, the intermodal station demonstrates how urban design can promote environmental sustainability, economic growth, as well as socially-inclusive development.

IBI Group had the opportunity to partner with several organizations that shared the overarching goal of sustainable urban development. As part of this Joint Development program, we collaborated with the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), as well as Bouygues’ Civil & Buildings North America, and Bayview Development Group. Additionally, we worked with an affordable housing developer and a senior living management company. With the collaboration of our partners, the project is set to thrive as an innovative and highly versatile space.

Curtner Station is brought to life by a geographically-diverse team of IBIers from the San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego and Vancouver offices. In addition to our focus on well-designed architectural features and open spaces, the team integrated parametric planning, which enabled the production of multiple site options that exceeded client goals and led to a development plan that satisfied TOD requirements while garnering financial returns.

Throughout the planning and design stages of the project, community input has been a crucial focus. Curtner Station is meant to provide an accessible transit solution, and to act as a hub that enhances community development. Community feedback has led to a harmonious interface design with the single-family community located south of the station. Additionally, outreach from a neighboring church established the importance of a daycare for the community. Through collaboration with local residents, the project is set to be a critical step towards socially-inclusive development in San Jose.

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