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Master Plan, Guatemala

IBI Group developed a Master Plan for a 2,470+ acre parcel of land located in the Southern Metropolitan Area of Guatemala City, leveraging Parametric Design to define and optimize land use strategies.

Guatemala City, Guatemala
2,470+ acres Size
2021 Completed

Utilizing parametric design to optimize land use

In order to define the key territorial strategies for the Master Plan, IBI used a parametric analysis model to process large amounts of existing data from the site and its surroundings. This enabled us to optimize the location of the necessary infrastructure, urban facilities and various typical uses in accordance with the intrinsic affinity of the land. As a result of the parametric design process, our team was able to develop a Master Plan that takes the highest land value and the best uses into consideration.

One of the key drivers for the Master Plan was to take advantage of the unique natural and geographical properties of the site, allowing our team to create an innovative mixed-use project that includes a network of water canals throughout the entire site. This is an initiative without precedent in Guatemala City that could change the paradigm of the entire area, turning it into an iconic landmark.

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