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Porsche Experience Centers

Located in Carson, California and Georgia, Atlanta, Porsche Experience Centers provide drivers with the road test of a lifetime. Designed by IBI Group, each facility has the exceptional look and intelligent performance Porsche is known for the world over.

Porsche Cars North America
Atlanta, Carson, GA, CA
53 acres Carson size
2016 Carson completion
26 acres Atlanta size
2015 Atlanta completion

Designed by IBI Group, Porsche’s Driver Training Experience Centers in Carson, CA and at its North American Headquarters in Atlanta, GA, provide every bit of excitement drivers expect from this international luxury brand.

The track designs include handling courses, low friction handling courses, vehicle dynamics areas, low friction circles, kick plates, a 40m turntable (GA), an ice hill (CA), and a high speed straight with carousel (CA). The 52-acre Carson site, originally a landfill converted to a golf course, relied on complex coordination with environmental agencies to maintain the integrity of the landfill while constructing a driving facility.

IBI coordinated with local agencies and European specialty manufacturers to create a unique recycled water and stormwater reuse system for the track’s wetting systems. Additionally, the carousel at the Carson Experience Center was designed to mimic the world-famous, banked-curved section of the legendary Nurburgring in Nurburg, Germany. 


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The Porsche Experience Center takes drivers off the road and onto specialized training events to test its unique brand of premium sports cars.

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