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TCA Toll Roads Mobile Application

IBI Group developed, deployed and operates the mobile application for The Toll Roads of Orange County under contract to the Transportation Corridor Authority (TCA).

Transportation Corridor Authority (TCA)
Orange County, CA
73, 133, 241 & 261 State Routes

Administering the largest network of toll roads in California, the Transportation Corridor Authority (TCA) identified the need for a new, more powerful and user-friendly mobile application to replace its legacy product. IBI Group initially supported the development of detailed requirements for an improved product with a suite of new functionality.

Our software engineers led a mobile app design based on an agile, iterative process, informed by regular stakeholder input and deliverable-focused objectives. We ran the technical development of the application software, user interface documents and wireframes. IBI Group also completed system acceptance and user acceptance testing ahead of launch and is still providing operational services for the TCA following the app’s implementation.

Released to Apple and Google stores in June 2016, the TCA Toll Roads mobile application provides a wealth of functionality necessary to serve over a quarter of a million drivers daily on toll roads throughout the San Joaquin Hills and Foothills of Orange County, CA.

The app’s interface allows regular and one-time customers to view information on FasTrak accounts and ExpressAccounts, sign up for new accounts, manage current accounts, pay one-time tolls, view a map of the toll roads, estimate a toll, and more.

Enhancements during the operations and maintenance phase include touch ID, increased viewing options for monthly statements, and the ability to store user license plate and payment information in the app.

View TCA interface

Screenshot of toll payment done through CaptureApp. Algonquin College Student Common Stormwater Management Concept. For full text, download project PDF below

A new mobile ecosystem is changing the way we interact with and move throughout our cities.The TCA mobile app allows Orange County to serve over a quarter of a million toll customers daily on the largest network of toll roads in California.

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