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CurbIQ Los Angeles Curb Inventory Pilot

IBI Group’s CurbIQ team partnered with Urban Movement Labs (UML) in Summer 2021 on a curbside data collection pilot in Los Angeles. The pilot proved a blended approach of mobile mapping and manual surveying is a scalable and economical solution to digitizing curb inventories across North America.

Urban Movement Labs (UML)
Los Angeles, CA
83 curb miles Length
4 Data collection areas
2021 Completed

IBI Group’s CurbIQ team partnered with Urban Movement Labs on a pilot study across four Los Angeles neighborhoods to demonstrate how North American cities can quickly create a digital curb inventory.

The results showed that augmented mobile mapping can accurately collect curb regulations. However, a blended approach comprised of mobile mapping in low-to-medium density areas and manually surveying (by walking) in dense areas, is a more scalable and economical solution.

The results of the pilot have significant implications for planning, regulating, and monetizing the use of curb space in cities. Although city officials understand the value and benefits of a digital curb inventory, the time and cost associated with collecting and maintaining curb inventory data have been a barrier. Our findings show that residential and low-density commercial streets, which make up most rights-of-way in North American cities, can be surveyed in up to one-eighth of the time it takes to map by foot, reducing cost accordingly.

Curbside data is critical to facilitate curb management tools like dynamic curb regulations and pricing, which will lead to greater mobility and access for people and businesses on our streets. Now, with fewer barriers to mapping the curb, these tools are one step closer to becoming a reality.

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