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Living Well with Dementia Pt.2

https: / / / ibi-insights / living-well-with-dementia-pt-2
The following article is Part 2 of our Living with Dementia series. Please click here to read Part 1!...


A Window into the Future of Urban Living

https: / / / ibi-insights / window-into-the-future-of-urban-living
...Urban Living. The report covers not only the changing forms of urban living, but how designers and city makers are addressing these changes. From tool libraries, to micro-living furniture, creative...


Senior Living and Long-Term Care in a Post-Pandemic World: Part 1

https: / / / ibi-insights / senior-living-and-long-term-care-in-a-post-pandemic-world-part-1
The impact of COVID-19 on long-term care and senior living communities has been profound, with as many as 82 per cent of reported deaths occurring in these environments. It’s clear...


Living Well with Dementia Pt.1

https: / / / ibi-insights / living-well-with-dementia-pt-1
...are currently living with dementia and the World Health Organisation predicts that this will grow to 152 million by 2050. Not only do we have to learn to live with...


Living Alone, Together

https: / / / ibi-insights / living-alone-together
Across most of the western world, more people are living alone in cities than ever before. In New York City, one third of residents live alone, up from 5% nationally...


Senior Living in the City

https: / / / ibi-insights / senior-living-in-the-city
...favour of the amenities and sociability of the city We are living longer and the proportion of older people is rising rapidly; we are staying active longer and expectations of...


Family-Friendly Living in the City

https: / / / ibi-insights / family-friendly-living-city many European cities. Is family-friendly living in the city really possible? Projects such as Vancouver’s Olympic Village, Stockholm’s Hammarby Sjöstad and Hamburg’s HafenCity suggest that, yes, it is. Now,...


The Next Generation of Family-Friendly Urban Living

https: / / / ibi-insights / family-living
Until now, coliving has targeted the single entrepreneur or global nomad whose desire to connect to the community is as important as connecting to the Wi-Fi. For young transient workers,...


Is Vancouver Ready to Grow from Laneways to Living Lanes?

https: / / / ibi-insights / vancouver-ready-grow-laneways-living-lanes
...into thriving social spaces, while remaining open to all types of mobility. Translated to “living yard” or “living lane”, woonerfs emerged in the Netherlands during the 1960s and 70s, but...

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