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Florida 511

Through the Florida Department of Transportation, IBI was commissioned to design and deploy a new, state-wide traveler information system for the State of Florida.

Florida Department of Transportation
State-wide, FL
Ongoing Status

In 2016, IBI launched a new state-of-the-art advanced traveler information system (ATMS) for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The Florida 511 traveler information system provides real-time traffic information on interstate highways, toll roads and major metropolitan roadways. Its updates are available to Florida commuters via phone, web, mobile app, or by following FL511 on Twitter.

The system includes a responsive website, natural-language interactive voice response (IVR) system, door-to-door personalized routes, travel times and incident alerts via email or text, iOS and Android mobile apps, and third-party (external) data and video services. The system ingests high-quality, real-time roadway incident, traffic speed and volume data from 13 traffic management centers located throughout the state, and normalizes that data for clear and consistent messaging via all dissemination channels.

It didn’t take long for the new system to undergo its first major test. Just 36 hours after launch, Hurricane Hermine (category 1) made landfall on the western coast of Florida. Usage increased significantly, but the system did not experience any operational issues during or following the storm, as system capacity was scaled to match usage. Following Hermine, mother nature delivered Hurricane Matthew (a category 4) just 30 days after launch. After the initial one-two punch of tropical storms, baseline system usage continued to increase steadily, with 677,000 web sessions and 426,000 calls during the first four months of operation.

This fall, Hurricane Irma, another category 4 hurricane, made landfall on the southwest coast of Florida, driving system usage to an all-time record, with 2 million web sessions and 162,000 calls during a ten-day period encompassing the storm, without interruption.

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Derek Sims

Global Director, Intelligence
Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON

Mr. Sims is the Global Director of IBI’s Intelligence Sector, responsible for consulting, software development and operational services in projects which conceive, design, implement and operate solutions applying new technologies. He has worked throughout his 39 year career with IBI in the areas of transportation and systems engineering, growing IBI’s worldwide practices in Traffic Management, Traveller Information, Transit, Tolling and Airport Groundside Systems.

Mr Sims’ mandate to advance the Intelligence Sector skills and experience into other areas of the firm’s practice has led to initiatives in energy optimization, asset management, intelligent buildings, smart cities and data analytics. Mr Sims holds Masters degrees in Engineering and Business and is a registered Professional Engineer in four Provinces.

James Barbosa

Director | US Solutions Lead, Intelligence
Pompano Beach, FL

Pompano Beach, FL

James Barbosa has 18 years of software systems planning, specification, design, development, deployment and operations experience, 14 years of project and development management experience, and ten years of program and product development experience. His areas of expertise include Traffic Management, Dynamic Pricing / Tolling, Traveler Information, Asset Management and Analytics / Operations Management. James is increasingly involved in the integration and synthesis of intelligent software systems targeting integrated corridor management and multi-modal transportation network analytics and optimization.

Geoff Carter

Director | Sr. Practice Lead, Traveller Information Systems
Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON

Geoff Carter joined IBI Group working in the development of our Advanced Traffic Management Systems software with an emphasis on the mapping display functionality. Geoff now leads IBI’s Advanced Traveller Information web and data interface team. Geoff and his team now support IBI traveller information systems that service roughly 25% of the population in the US, with notable active 511 solutions deployed in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Florida, Wisconsin and Los Angeles. Geoff led IBI’s efforts for the deployment of the traveller information web site for the Pan Am games. Geoff has led efforts to provide SaaS (Software as a Solution), advanced IBI’s hosting center in Tampa, Florida and has managed the program to productize IBI’s software solution thereby allowing IBI to bring tremendous value to its clients. He is currently leading IBI’s efforts to advance the Event Reporting System and managing the New York and Wisconsin 511 projects.