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GoTime – Statewide RTTM System

IBI Group implemented a permanent, statewide Real Time Traffic Management (RTTM) system for the state of Massachusetts, dubbed GoTime. IBI is now operating and maintaining the system.

Massachusetts Department of Transportation
Statewide, MA
2014-2020 Duration
146 Hybrid VMS
291 Bluetooth installations

This project encompasses the design, development, and operation of software that manages and controls 146 Hybrid VMS and 291 Bluetooth Reader-based installations throughout Massachusetts. The system uses MAC addresses detected by the deployed Bluetooth Readers to calculate travel times, which are processed, analyzed, and posted to the Hybrid VMS in order to inform drivers of current traffic conditions.

IBI Group’s Real Time Traffic Management (RTTM) software includes a browser-based application that provides users with operational and situational awareness tools. This application includes an interactive map, a real-time dashboard, reporting tools, real-time field device monitoring functionality, and alarm and trouble ticket tracking.

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