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Transport for London’s Travel Demand Management Programme

IBI Group has worked with Transport for London (TfL) since 2012, first establishing a Travel Demand Management (TDM) programme, and transitioning to work with the TfL team to deliver solutions and interventions to the business and partners in response to travel demand on the public transport and road networks in London and beyond.

Transport for London
London, UK
Ongoing Status

IBI Group works with the Travel Demand Management team at Transport for London (TfL), who deliver solutions and interventions to the TfL business and partners in response to travel demand on public transportation and road networks in London and beyond. Key to this role is providing appropriate customer information in order for network users to make informed travel choices on a day-to-day basis and during special events. This includes:

  • Understanding and communicating crowding and congestion information to customers through a variety of channels, such as web-based information systems and journey planners
  • Working extensively with Network Rail and Train Operating Companies to coordinate customer information, ticketing acceptance and a communication programme on digital, network, in-station and print channels for planned developments such as the London Bridge station redevelopment
  • Supporting TfL in the planning for major events. Specifically, bringing together operational plans around large-scale, multi-day ceremonial events to produce a single, coherent set of messages
  • Analysis of journey time data for TfL’s highly regarded “walking tube map.” Using automated tools, trips between stations on the Underground, Docklands Light Railway and London Overground networks were analysed and compared with the walking time between those stations
  • Extensive support and analysis of road and public transport data to understand the use of third-party information providers (through the TfL API) and deliver supplementary information for large planned works and events

The IBI team is also responsible for the production of static maps for the Road Modernisation Plan, which aims to make London greener, safer and more attractive through the creation of better public spaces, junction improvements and cycle route construction. Maps are used by the TfL team when providing travel advice to customers and are included in monthly traffic impact maps, diversion maps, phasing maps and maps for specific events (e.g. London Marathon, Prudential Ride London).

In addition, IBI Group works with various data models to produce and circulate data to travel demand management stakeholders, both internally and externally at TfL. This includes traffic impact data that is produced on a regular basis for use in TfL’s internal map viewer and the publicly available API. Development of an interactive map module for the TfL website allows this data to be visualized in an interactive format, improving the customer experience.

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