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Design Technology

As a technology driven design firm, Design Technology is the backbone of IBI. We are driving the industry forward with the use of the latest systems and tools focused on a clearer vision of the future.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Create a “digital twin” of your project with BIM. At the design stage, we can generate a data-rich 3D model to achieve your project deliverables. When continued throughout the lifecycle of the project, this becomes a virtual representation of the physical assets they represent.

Dramatically speed up the design process by leveraging the processing power of a computer. Parametric design uses algorithmic thinking to manipulate data-driven design solutions allowing our team to iterate through potential designs, precisely and efficiently.

It’s never been easier to visualize your next project. Our in-house visualization services help clients – and end users – better understand your project by creating:

  • Immersive virtual reality and augmented reality experiences
  • Hyper realistic animations and renderings
  • Physical models created using 3D printing and laser cutting, produced in our dedicated model shop

Spatial Intelligence

Geospatial tools are an intrinsic part of everything we do. By allowing us to view and interpret the environment in all its dimensions, they enable us to create authentic design solutions that are genuinely context sensitive.

Learn more about Spatial Intelligence

Meet our Design Tech team

Michael Lee

Regional Computational Design Lead
Toronto East, ON

Toronto East, ON

‘Michael is a computational designer holding a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Toronto. Since joining IBI, Michael has brought innovative tech-driven design solutions across the firm’s wide-ranging practice areas including architecture, interior design, and urban planning. As Regional Computational Design Lead, Michael brings his expertise in parametric modeling, analysis, and design automation to improve workflow efficiency and design capability through all aspects of design.

Cristina Martinez

Transportation Planner
Irvine, CA

Irvine, CA

Cristina Martinez is a Transportation Planner with experience ranging from large-scale freeway and transit impact projects to local active transportation projects, transit-oriented development, master and specific plans, and parking/traffic management studies. Her work in public, private, and non-profit sector planning has shaped her passion for creating community-inclusive solutions to issues that affect our urban and social environments.

As Regional GIS Lead for the United States, Cristina helps coordinate IBI’s global network of GIS professionals and is involved with internal initiatives to further integrate geospatial technology into IBI’s project work. Her expertise in GIS includes data management and analysis, data visualization, geospatial analysis, and interactive map development.

Jason King

Associate | Parametric Design Lead
Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA
Always start at yes.

Mr. King is an architect, planner and parametric/computational designer with two decades of experience in designing cities. He draws from a background of architecture, spatial analysis, algorithmic design and optimization, active transportation and sustainable land use. The ability to use complex datasets to make informed decisions across IBI’s sectors is central to his work in designing cities and architecture. His parametric planning and design process allows increasingly complex large-scale projects to be done more efficiently while exploring exponentially more iterations of design solutions. He taught architectural studios at Woodbury University for a decade researching computational solutions to architectural and urban problems. Before joining IBI Group, King worked in the Shared Mobility Department for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, primarily focused on the expansion of the City’s bikeshare program.

Brent Mauti

Global Director, Design Technology
Toronto West, ON

Toronto West, ON

Brent Mauti is a licensed Architect with 15 years of experience in design and construction management projects from multiple business sectors. Brent’s architectural responsibilities include design, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and rendering, the preparation of presentation and working drawings, specification production, and services during construction for various types of projects. Brent has significant experience with 3D design as he has been involved with its implementation for numerous large-scaled projects over the course of his career.

Brent works with project leaders to identify issues and benefits regarding the use of BIM / CAD tools, advising of the benefits regarding design automation implementation and the application of design automation standards. His prime focus for BIM Implementation is multi-platform interoperability across Building, Civil and Plant deployed globally while ensuring consistent application of CAD standards.

Farhan Haqqani

Regional Technology Leader
Canada East, ON

Canada East, ON
Why is there never time to do it right, but there is always time to do it twice

Mr. Haqqani is a dedicated Canada East Regional Technical Lead for Design Technology with more than seventeen years of experience, and over fifteen years using Revit. He is an advanced Revit user, and his experience includes technical production, coordination, and intricate detail design. He manages thirteen BIM coordinators, in Architectural, Civil, Structural & MEP disciplines. He also supports 9 Offices in his Region with approximately 1200 employees.

David Paterson

Manager, Design Technology
Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON

David Paterson is responsible for coordinating the efforts of the Toronto visualization group aiming to produce 3D conceptual design models, high quality 3D renders, animations and virtual reality allowing our clients to easily envision their finished projects. His efforts extend beyond Toronto to engage and collaborate globally, connecting a network of over 50 visualization specialists scattered across IBI Group offices.

David’s focus remains on all aspects of a project’s lifecycle, bringing these solutions to file whether for proposals, detail design coordination, or the visualization of completed projects.

James Gibson

Technical Lead
Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON

James has over 10 years of experience applying GIS technology to solve problems in a wide variety of business sectors including land use planning, real estate & economic planning, municipal infrastructure, transportation, and renewable energy. As a Certified GIS Professional and Certified Planning Technician, James is able to combine his understanding of land use planning and land development with his knowledge of Geographic Information Systems to perform meaningful analysis and identify spatial patterns and trends. James has played a key role in numerous projects requiring land use analysis, development constraint analysis, master servicing plans, conceptual designs, transportation planning, asset management and inventories, site selection analysis, data management, data collection and manipulation, data visualization, and database design.

Serving as a Regional GIS Lead, James is also involved in a variety of global initiatives that aim to promote and increase IBI’s use of geospatial technology across the firm. These initiatives have helped to highlight the power of spatial analysis and demonstrate why GIS technology can and should be leveraged across all of IBI’s business sectors.

Matt Clementson

Global Portfolio Manager
Calgary, AB

Calgary, AB

Matt joined IBI Group in 2003. In 2014 he relocated to Canada, joining the IBI Group Calgary team. He is currently Design Technology Portfolio Manager for Visualization Services and is responsible for coordinating IBI Group’s visualization products worldwide. Before joining IBI Group, he was a director of a successful 3D visualization company, guiding it from startup to a thriving small business. He is a strong advocate for new visualization techniques such as real-time technologies and virtual/augmented realities. Matt is a graduate of the Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff, UK, where he has also taught 3D visualization techniques and skills.

Samsung Solutions Center

Washington, D.C.

IBI Group has completed the interior design of the new Samsung Solutions Center in Washington, D.C. A virtual reality experience developed by IBI’s visualization team leant support to the co-design of the space with the client. This VR experience also acted as a change management tool for Samsung staff within the interactive space, designed to serve as a new location for the tech giant’s product marketing and patents groups, as well as a hoteling space for its clients.

SODO Residences

Calgary, AB

SODO Residences is a 56,000 m2 mixed use development in the Beltline District just south of Calgary’s Business District.

Eglinton Crosstown LRT

Toronto, ON

The ECLRT is Toronto’s most significant transit expansion in decades, spanning the entire city across 19.5 kilometres of above and below ground track. When finished, the new line will connect five boroughs via multi-modal stations.